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The TTT Story

In 1979, inspired by a drop-in childcare center in Texas, Ida Dubois, along with her friends Sharon Alcalde and Judy Robinson, introduced the concept to the Serramonte Shopping Center. This led to the establishment of Temporary Tot Tending, Inc. at Serramonte in October 1979. Initially limited by space and lacking an outdoor area, the team soon expanded into a full preschool and childcare center at the Fairmont School, operating around the clock, seven days a week, catering to infants through school-aged children.

TTT expanded in 1982 with a new location in South San Francisco, taking over a former Montessori school. This growth increased TTT's licensing capacity to 300 across four distinct programs.

The same year, Dion Dubois, Ida's husband, initiated a summer school program for high school students, leveraging his educational background. This success led to the opening of TTT's second center in San Mateo, dedicated to preschoolers aged 2-5.

In 1984, a third center, TTT #3, was launched in Oakland at the Eastmont Mall by Judy Robinson, who later became the sole owner of this facility. Ida, Sherry, and Dion retained ownership of the centers in San Mateo County.

After nearly two decades, a need to relocate arose when the San Mateo School District reclaimed its building. TTT then moved to Trinity Baptist Church in San Mateo, which operated until December 2010.

The management team has been actively involved in professional organizations. Ida served on the Board of the Child Care Coordinating Council, Sherry participated in the PACE Alternative Payment Program, and Dion held positions as President of PACE, the California Child Care Association, and served on the National Child Care Association's Board.

Currently, TTT operates four centers (Sunset Ridge, South San Francisco, Ocean Shore, and Ortega) with a team of 29 employees. The organization prides itself on its quality programs, dedicated staff, and strong business relationships with landlords, vendors, and suppliers.

School Holidays

Scheduled holidays observed by school closure are as follows:

  • New Years Day

  • President’s Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

  • Martin Luther King Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Staff Appreciation Day

  • Veterans Day

  • Day Following Thanksgiving

Cultural Celebrations

Varying cultural observances will be made, recognizing special days from different cultures. Hopefully, the parents will feel free to suggest a wide range of activities pulling from their own personal experiences.

Birthday Celebrations

Arrangements to recognize individual birthdays of children need to be made with the staff a week prior to the birthday.



The school requires a two-week notice prior to a child’s leaving the program for vacation time. Tuition for the child continues during this time to guarantee a reserved space upon his/her return to school. Please note that tuition must be paid in full without deduction for absences. This is because our staffing and other operations expenses are arranged on the basis of fixed enrollment levels and must be met on a continuing basis. Few of the operating costs of the facility are eliminated when a particular child is absent.


Early Closing

During certain holiday times (usually Christmas and New Year), TTT may close early or combine programs at one or two sites.  Parents will always be given two weeks’ notice. Staff training days will be offered once or twice a year, and some or all programs will close.

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